Welcome to Joey's Blog!

The Joey Blog exists for two primary purposes:

  1. To provide educational content across various health areas such as lactation, childbirth, sleep, nutrition, newborn care, physical therapy, and other topics
  2. To provide news updates related to Joey (the company) 


We hope you find our writings enjoyable and helpful. If you are in search of more personalized assistance from experts, then download the Joey Care app from either the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android).

Joey's Vision for the future of healthcare

"Joey has the potential to save me hours per day. These are hours I can now dedicate to my clients or, better yet, to my family and me!"

About Us

Joey is THE Supplemental Care Platform for families to better manage their health in between doctor visits; from obstetrics to geriatrics.

To start, we’ve built an on-demand marketplace & telehealth platform that connects parents with different Maternal & Child Health experts like lactation consultants, doulas, sleep consultants, and 20+ other “Expert Types” coming soon. Parents can go from “search to speak” in less time than it takes for an Uber to arrive; a lifesaver for those 2AM nursing & sleep issues.

Our vertically-integrated software is designed to empower often burnt-out healthcare workers to break free from hospitals and health systems and start their own private practices. We are finally bringing the “passion economy” to healthcare.