Andrea Scannell, a lactation consultant, sleep consultant, and postpartum doula, sitting on the pavement next to her son

Why I jumped to join Joey!

Joey has the potential to save me hours per day. These are hours I can now dedicate to my clients or, better yet, to my family and me!”

– Andrea Scannell (Sleep Consultant, Postpartum Doula, & Lactation Consultant)

Nobody goes into sleep consulting or postpartum doula work for fame and fortune.

I do this because I am passionate about helping new families get off to the best possible start. When I started this career, I had stars in my eyes: envisioning all of the happy, rested, confident families I would leave in my wake.

My business would be as magical as a new baby latching perfectly. Turns out…RUNNING THE BUSINESS is hard! I was spending most of my time on administrative work instead of helping clients.

  • Marketing: Don’t you need a degree for that?
  • Lead generation: Who is leading what generation?
  • Bookkeeping: Enough said!
  • Website design: I spent WEEKS just going down rabbit holes of DIY design sites
  • Scheduling: SO many emails back and forth

I know my calling and where my time should be spent!

I’m an expert in sleep, infant care, breastfeeding, and early parenting. I like to work with PEOPLE; not stare at a screen all day. That’s what I want to spend my time doing.

Hired a Business Coach

It became such a concern and stressor that I even hired a business coach at one point. She knew a ton about marketing and streamlining the business but STILL only gave me tools to get better at the business stuff that I still didn’t want to spend my time doing!

What were my options? How do I spend more time with my clients without sacrificing my business and vice-versa?

Then came Joey. I loved the idea of what they were offering and what I could do and knew there was nothing to lose. It didn’t cost me anything to sign-up, and there are no monthly fees. So, in less than an hour, my profile was set up, my calendar was linked (to block off unavailable times), my bank account was ready to accept client payments, and I was up and running!

What really worked for me was that I could set my hours for whenever I wanted, and clients just show up when I’m ready.

Make an Appointment Screenshot for Customers to Pick a Date & Time to Book An Appointment
Joey Screenshot: Clients find an available date & time on your calendar without your involvement

Joey takes all of this off my plate…

  • Client intake forms are already pre-built,
  • HIPAA-compliant communications tools are embedded,
  • payments occur in the background,
  • receipts automatically generated,
  • marketing enabled, and
  • scheduling occurs without me even getting involved

Everything is set! And best of all, Clients FIND ME instead of me hunting for them!

Sample profile of an expert
Joey screenshot: "Summary" section of an expert's profile

Joey has the potential to save me hours per day. These are hours I can now dedicate to my clients or, better yet, to my family and me!

Free software to better manage my business?! It felt like a no-brainer to me to join Joey. And I’m so glad I made leap!

How to Become an Expert too

The Become an Expert page explains in further detail all about the benefits that come from joining Joey too. If you are already convinced, then you can download the Joey app by clicking on a link below to the App Store or Google Play.  

About the Author

Headshot of Andrea Scannell, a lactation consultant, sleep consultant, and postpartum doula

Andrea Scannell is a sleep consultant, postpartum doula (newborn care), and lactation consultant in Queens, NY. 

For the past 11 years, she has been running her own private practice (MOMally) as well as managing parenting communities of 15,000+ members. She’s worked with 6,000+ families, taught 500+ educational classes, and conducted 500+ one-on-one consultations.